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Happy Valentines Day!

Did you know Valentine's Day has been celebrated since February 14, 496 AD!

Supposedly, the true origin is pretty much in the air, but the most popular belief is that it was created to mark Saint Valentine's death in mid-February of 270 AD.

How did it become a day to celebrate love and our significant others?

Valentine was a priest who secretly went against the emperor's orders and married couples to spare their husbands from war. Some have even said that he wore a cupid ring for people to identify him. Hence, the cupid representing Valentine's Day! Of course, it has evolved over the centuries, but it all began by joining people who loved each other in matrimony. Granted, they did not want to go to war either, but let's just focus on the LOVE part! HAHA.

Happy Valentine's Day, guys! Spread love, and do not forget to let others love you!


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