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My name is Brianna Spurlock, and before all things— I am the mother of two beautiful boys. They are my purpose, motivation, and why I strive to be the best version of myself. I must admit that I viewed writing as just a hobby for a long time. However, it is something that I have always found pleasure, comfort, expression, and enjoyment in. Yet, growing up, I felt that becoming an attorney was more realistic than following my passion. So, I started my college experience off with an Associate in Business and Legal Studies. I planned to complete my Bachelor's in the same field, pass my LSATS, and then head off to law school. 

A year or so into my first degree, my mindset changed once I realized it was not all about justice but merely based on stare decisis and knowing good case law. I completed my Associate's in the field. However, I switched my Bachelor's degree to Arts and English with a minor in Psychology, which was probably the best decision I ever made. I genuinely love writing, literature, history, and the arts. In my opinion, if you are going to be in debt from college. Do it for a career that you love and cannot live without.

The owner of L'amour Divine LLC

My vision for this company began as merely an idea that eventually led to sketches in my notebook. Until January 2012, when L'AMOUR DIVINE LLC became a reality. We released our first free online magazine in April 2012 and its last volume in June 2014. The magazine focused on over 27 different topics and aspects of life. 

L'amour Divine was not created to be your typical lifestyle publication. It was designed to be a communication outlet that embodied love and equality for all. Its primary objective was to shine light and appreciation on the diversity around us instead of judging or hating people who do not look, live, or believe the same as we do. In other words, L'amour Divine was formed to connect and represent "Life Itself."

There were no fabrications, clickbait, or gossip, just good old-fashioned trustworthy journalism. We wanted to educate while opening the door for people looking to understand different walks of life beyond their own. Ultimately, our goal was to unite as many people as possible, regardless of their race, gender, or sexual preference.  

This was not an easy task; it took me (Brianna-Owner), Basia (Former Co-Owner), Angela (Urbn), Jess (Skullz), Traci (Kellz), Ally, Kevelin (Fruity), Aiesha (Goldie), and Alexis (Lex) at different periods throughout the years to produce our volumes. I do not even know how to explain— how grateful I am to everyone that helped, participated, and supported L'amour Divine Online Magazine. 

Vol 6 cover.jpg

Sadly, after the Former Co-Owner and I parted ways, I lost my passion for L'amour Divine. We played such an essential part together that it no longer felt the same. LD was my baby and creation, but after everything, I felt disconnected from it. So, I decided to take a step back and put the business on hold to focus on my family and finishing my second degree. 

It took me over six years to find my way back to my business. However, my purpose and core values for L'amour Divine have not changed. Although, I have made some significant adjustments. Such as adding our podcast, spiritual guidance/readings, and a NEW blog to incorporate my desire to explore different writing styles with no restraints. Consequently, our PDF digital magazines will not go back into production until October 2024.


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NOTE: I pride myself on exhibiting a certain level of professionalism and regard for others. However, there may be scenarios where my readers may not always agree or care for some of the pieces I have or will publish, but I respectively cannot and will not conform to anyone's liking. I am different, detached at times, and constantly changing. Overall, I am only willing to be my authentic self.



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