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Sarah Langdons Dog Grooming at Earthwise Pets of Jonesville, FL.

O-M-G, can you say heaven sent! I love this store! As you may already know, I am new to Florida, so finding such a fantastic store for my fur baby was a relief. It literally became my go-to store for most of my Bella's (Lala B) needs. She is a Chorkie, half Chihuahua, and Yorkie, who is also my son's service dog. She is extremely loving, attentive, sassy, loyal, and a couch potato, but she is not the friendliest dog to strangers. She has to get to know you first, and if that's not possible, it's best to not even acknowledge her. She is typically good at not barking as long as you do not bother her. Despite her few quirks, she does have a demanding job that plays a vital role in our family because she alerts me when my son has a seizure and when it is safe to wake him up. Due to his brain seizing throughout sleep, you can pull him out into a grand mal seizure from just waking him up at the wrong time.

Overall, she is not fond of any type of grooming, but that did not discourage Sarah one bit. Before moving here, I always did it, and my mom would clip her nails for me. I would wrap her up in a blanket or in one of our jackets to cuddle her. Then, I would cover her eyes so she would think it was me cutting her nails. Therefore, I had to do the same process with Sarah, and she was completely understanding. I felt so bad that she was barking and being aggressive, but Sarah reassured me that it was okay. The best part was that she was not phased by her behavior and was excited to still develop a bond with my Lala B! .

Her kindness did not stop there because I was also having issues with finding someone to watch Lala B when we had appointments or functions that we felt might not be the best environment for her. Unfortunately, we could not leave her at home because she would claw, chew or eat at my door trying to get out. Let's just say that she is not okay with being separated from my son. So, I tried crating her, and she would either get out or hurt herself. I spoke about it briefly with Sarah, and she did not hesitate to offer her help. I do not think words could come close to explain the gratitude that I felt from her offering her help and support.

Not too long after, when I needed it, Sarah had no problem helping me with her while I attended a doctor's appointment for my son. Unfortunately, Sarah got bit by another dog and had to leave right before we arrived, but her coworkers at Earthwise stepped in like it was nothing. I was so worried, but everything worked out perfectly. I cannot wait to work with Sarah further, and I hope that my Lala B can build up the confidence to give people a chance. As well as adjusting to staying at home or with other people sometimes. Ultimately, if you are in the Jonesville, Newberry, or Gainseville area. Sarah, and Earthwise pets in Jonesville, FL, should be your go-to because they are lifesavers with hearts of GOLD.

Sarah Langdons Dog Grooming

Earthwise Pets at Jonesville, Fl.

IG: Sarahs_Dog_Grooming_World

Customer Service A+

Knowledge in Service A+

Pricing A+

Wait time (No Wait) A+

Completion of Service A+

Note: My reviews will always be honest and based on my experience.


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