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From Dull to Divine: Synopsis


Step one was to blend her truth within the lines of fictional paragraphs. Step two was to let go as she revealed the truth between those lines. Now, at step three, she stands at a crossroad. Determined to rise above her past self entirely— she takes a leap of faith by sharing her deepest and darkest secrets vocally for the first time as a guest speaker at the OutReach Rehabilitation Center.

Within its walls, the lives of Brylee and her group members intertwine, causing their struggles, decisions, and opinions to collide. Can they genuinely listen to one another after discovering unexpected connections amid the tension, anger, and tears?

Join us on a journey of redemption and self-discovery, where empathy and understanding are critical to their transformation. In "From Dull to Divine," you'll witness how one woman's courage and vulnerability can lead to a profound metamorphosis, inspiring us all to embrace our path toward growth and healing.


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