RE-Launch DATE: AUGUST 21ST, 2021

Noelani and Oriel spent Basyl’s early years living amongst society’s diverse cultures and lifestyles. Although they were strict parents, they could not shelter her from everything. Well, that was up until they acquired land alongside three other families with the ultimate goal of establishing an off-grid homestead that would be free from the destructive influences of the outside world. In other words, A place where you could raise your family in a safe and structured community. Everything, in the beginning, seemed to be as predicted. The families built, harvested, and created a self-sufficient homestead for the last 15 years. However, Basyl’s dreams prompt an unexpected journey with a woman named, Sabeyn— that causes unforeseen changes in the physical, spiritual, and mystical realms.

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The Siyon continuing series book cover.

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