This company began as just an idea in my notebook. Literally, it was merely a dream. Until, I met my ex Fiancé Basia Tomaszek. Together we established L’amour Divine LLC in January of 2012. LD launched its first free online magazine in April of 2012 and released its last volume in June of 2014. It was not an easy task it took myself (Brianna), Basia, Angela (Urbn), Jess (Skullz), Traci (Kellz), Ally, Alexis (Lex), Aiesha (Goldie), and Kevelin (Fruity) at different periods throughout the years to produce our volumes. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to everyone that helped, participated, and supported L'amour Divine Online Magazine. However, once Basia and I split it was time that we went off to pursue our own endeavors. To be honest, I lost my passion for L'amour Divine for a while-- of course it has always been like my baby but I felt so disconnected from it. So, I decided to take a step back, and put the business on hold so I could focus on my family and finishing my second degree.

LD, was not your ordinary Lifestyle publication; it was a communication outlet that represented “Love” and “Equality” for all. Previously, the magazine focused on several different topics and aspects of life within our communities. Its main goal was to write a variety of real life stories and not gossip. We wanted to bring everyone together no matter the race, gender, or sexual preference for example. L'amour Divine was life itself. In which, it still will be-- but it took me over 6 years to find my way back. L’amour Divine was then, and still is my dream business. I first fell in love with writing when I was just a little girl because I was so intrigued by the ability to make and create my own fictional worlds.


So, I redesigned L’amour Divine in a manner that would allow me to explore different genres, and topics with no restraints. Therefore, I would like to formally introduce you to the new L'amour Divine, that will now focus on sharing my personal and fictional story blogs. In addition, to different forms of art, but not limited to. Of course,  I will also eventually release more magazines. However, I have changed so much that it is not what is catching my interest at this current time.  I want to focus on releasing my stories via our paid subscription “Discrete Doings” Blog, and then I will choose which stories I will release in our magazine format in the future. So, make sure that you subscribe to our blog because it will allow you to receive all of  our exclusives. In addition, to this add we have also included L’amours Blessings officiant and spiritual services.

Note: I pride myself on exhibiting a certain level of professionalism and regard for others. However, there may be scenarios where my readers may not always agree or care for some of the pieces that I have or will publish but I respectively cannot and will not conform to anyone's liking. I am different, detached at times and constantly changing. Overall, I am only willing to be my true self moving forward.

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