Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine, FL.

Customer Review: A great experience with your family and friends!

My kids and I loved our two-day vacation at the Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine! The staff greeted us at the gates and directed us to where we check-in. The team at the window was also very welcoming and provided us with maps, parking passes, and any information we would need during our stay. The state park itself was HUGE, but it is beautiful and well kept! They also had someone at the entrance point to the campground sites to assist you with basic questions on how to navigate to find your lot. Our site was pretty easy to find. It came with a picnic table and a fire pit.


We visited on a Sunday, and by the time we arrived around 3 p.m., the store was closed. They were also out of wood anyways from the note they had stuck on the door. Thankfully, the staff at the front office was able to direct us to a nearby gas station to find some wood. After that, we came back and set up camp, which was pretty simple. Considering we had a pop-up tent and everything else, we just had to unpack, unfold, and blow up our air mattresses.


Disclaimer: If you do not have a camper or an RV, do not go camping through the months of March-October in Florida.


  1. Kayaking

  2. Boating

  3. Paddle

  4. Bicycling

  5. Hiking

  6. Canoeing

  7. Surfing

  8. Swimming


We had a blast! My youngest was scared kayaking, and he ended up falling asleep within the first ten minutes. However, my oldest son and I enjoyed the water. The beach was BEAUTIFUL, and the hiking trails were so fantastic!


The following day we visited the campgrounds bathroom to shower, which was not too bad either. Then, we enjoyed breakfast at this little cafe near the beach. There was also a nice playground for the kids nearby that my boys enjoyed playing at after breakfast. Honestly, it was a wonderful experience to share with my boys! To end our night, we built a fire, cooked some hot dogs for dinner, smores for dessert, and called it a night! Overall, I highly recommend visiting this State Park if you are in the area!

Customer Service A+

Knowledge in Service A+

Pricing A+

Wait time (No Wait) A+

Completion of Service A+

Note: My reviews will always be honest and based on my experience.


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