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Swamp Religion in Gainesville, FL.

I have wanted to try this food truck since moving to the area. However, it is technically not around the corner from me. So, I had to wait until I was in the city to visit. Thankfully, yesterday I was because the food was impeccable! The flavor exploded right in your mouth with every bite! No exaggeration and you all know I have high expectations regarding my food.

However, this establishment was phenomenal. The food was to die for, and the plating was beautiful! Some establishments tend to forget that people eat with their eyes first! Therefore, it is just as important as the taste of the food, and when I tell you that Swamp Religion understood the assignment. They understood it from beginning to end!

Their portions and pricing were also reasonable. I was most definitely stuffed and satisfied at the end of my meal. I was a little worried because the shrimp tacos only came with three shrimp on each. However, they were jumbo shrimp, and they covered the whole taco. So, I did have shrimp in every bite. The chicken tacos were stuffed to perfection. The cajun cheese fries were also HUGE, and the cheese sauce was delicious.

I cannot wait to try the fish and grits next time. Unfortunately, I came towards closing, so they no longer had some items, but it did not diminish my experience. The owner was extremely kind and open when answering my questions. Overall, I greatly appreciated his patience and transparency. I cannot wait to visit again, so stop by the Swamp Religion food truck if you are in the Gainesville, Florida, area. Trust me. You will not regret it!

Price: (2) Chicken Taco $9.25 (2) Shrimp Taco $10.25 (1) Cajun Cheese Fry $4.50

Customer Service (A+)

Presentation (A+)

Food (A+)

Knowledge in Service (A+)

Pricing (A)

Wait time (A+)

Location: 904 E University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601


Phone: (352) 359-9125


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