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Relish in Gainesville, FL.

O-M-G! Can you say amazing from beginning to END!!! First, let me start off by addressing the customer service at this location because it was beyond amazing. I have been in the restaurant/food industry for over 15 years, so I know good customer service when I see it. When we walked in, my kids and I were instantly greeted! It was also our first time patronizing Relish. So, we had a lot of questions, and the gentleman had absolutely no problem explaining how everything worked to us. I even had to stop mid-order to take an important phone call. The gentleman did not catch an attitude or a fuss. Instead, he understood and waited patiently.

He really made me feel appreciated. It is not always easy juggling life sometimes. His kindness and understanding made me cherish my experience here even more. It was also just our luck that we visited on a Tuesday when they have a deal going on for 1/4 single burger, fries, and drink for only 7.45! It was a steal because you can add whatever ingredients that you want to your burger. Of course, premium items such as avocado, bacon, and egg were upcharges, but it was like subway except for burgers.

My oldest got a plain chicken sandwich. Whereas, my youngest and I went with the Tuesday burger combo special. And let me tell you! The burgers were so juicy and flavorful! I cannot think of one complaint. We all enjoyed our meals and Daniel the cook was the BEST! Seriously, we cannot wait to visit again! So, if you are in the area, please take my word on visiting this location! You will not be disappointed!

Customer Service A+

Knowledge in Service A+

Pricing A-

Wait time (No Wait) A+

Completion of Service A+

Note: My reviews will always be honest and based on my experience.


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