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Mr. & Mrs. Crab in Gainesville, FL.

I have wanted to review this place for a while, but covid has made that hard with my son being high risk. In other words, we try to limit our time in public places, especially with no masks. However, my birthday was a few days ago, but it fell on the weekend, which tends to be one of the busiest times in the restaurant business. So, we opted to try it out today when the crowd would be much smaller. Now, I do prefer reviewing businesses when they are busy because that is the best time to see the strength of an establishment.

I know this because I started waitressing at the age of 16, so I have probably worked at every type of restaurant you could think of, down to fine dining. Therefore, I am knowledgeable and a little tedious when it comes to reviewing restaurants because I know what is supposed to be expected. Now, I have personally eaten at this restaurant before this review. I just have always done takeout, and that has always been phenomenal, so I had a good idea that the dine-in experience would be just as good!

Once we arrived, we were instantly greeted and seated. It was basically empty, but it was exactly what we were looking for in our case. We had a young lady named Angel as our waitress. I loved that she came to our table right after we sat. A good server will always greet or table touch within two minutes. Her introduction was also strong, inviting, and welcoming. However, I did have to ask about the specials (half-off appetizers). When that should always be included in your greeting. Now, I did hear her include the specials with the table sitting behind me. However, she did not with me.

Nonetheless, I did appreciate that she was kind and presentable. I cannot tell you how often I have seen servers come to work with their hair everywhere, clothes, and hands dirty. She also had my drinks and appetizers (Cheese sticks and fried pickles) out promptly! My only problem with this establishment was that they do not cook seafood separate from the other fried foods. So many people are allergic to seafood nowadays. Granted, this is a seafood establishment. However, not everyone eats it or can, which is why you offer non-seafood items. Therefore, it is your responsibility to cook certain things adequately and separately. By not doing so, you limit your clientele and profit.

Unfortunately, I know most cooks will put food in whatever fryers are available when the restaurant gets busy. Yet, that's only if they don't do it regularly already. It is a horrible and irresponsible practice to me. Not to mention, who wants fries, cheese sticks, fried pickles, or chicken, for example, that tastes like seafood. Secondly, as I said before, so many people are allergic. My son is one of them. More so, with fish and shellfish items like crab or lobster.

The first time I ate here, I was actually told that they cooked the seafood separately. I also called to make sure again before dining in. I spoke with the manager about it, and she clearly understood my position, but it is what it is at the end of the day. Still, I respected her professionalism. We ended up taking a chance considering he has eaten the fries here before, not knowing the grease was mixed. Thankfully, we did not have an issue. So, my boys ordered the kid chicken nuggets, corn, and fries. They weren't too fond of the nuggets, but they enjoyed everything else, including the appetizers.

Of course, I ordered a create your own seafood boil with a 1/2 pound of shrimp and snow crab with an egg, two potatoes, and corn. I also used the non-spicy Mr. & Mrs. Crab sauce. It looked and tasted terrific, BUT I was highly disappointed to receive one small cluster with three legs and one small dangling pinky for 19.99. I will be honest; it killed my whole vibe. Per my server, they do weigh the crab on a scale. However, that just did not seem like a half-pound. Typically, depending on the size, you'll get about 2-3 whole clusters for a pound. I did not get one complete cluster, and for 19.99, I want it all.

Overall, I still enjoyed myself, and the service was good. I only had to ask another server for something once, which was silverware, but my server was on top of everything else. The restaurant's front of the house was clean, but the lady's bathroom not so much. The kitchen was prompt, the appetizers were delicious, and my boil was good beyond the disappointment of the crab. Previously, I have always ordered the seafood boil with just shrimp, and I think moving forward. I will stick with it and get my crab legs from the grocery store. One thing about me is that I am the happiest when I feel like I am getting my money's worth, and I just cannot see 3 tiny legs and a pinky of crab being worth 19.99. Especially when it is not even a fine dining restaurant. Although, that is just me and my opinion.

Customer Service (A)

Presentation (A+)

Food (B+)

Knowledge in Service (A-)

Pricing (B)

Wait time (A+)

Cleanliness (Front of house) A+

Cleanliness (Bathroom) (C-)

Note: My reviews will always be honest and based on my experience.


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