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M&D West African Cuisine in Gainesville, FL.

OMG!!! This place is fantastic! M&D West African Cuisine in Gainesville, Florida, gave my family an experience to remember! I have never had African food before. I just knew that I wanted to try one of the soups with Fufu. Thankfully, they had no problem allowing me to try them all to see which one I wanted to choose. I tried the Egusi, Pepper, and Banga soups. They also had an Okra soup, but I did not try it because I'm not too fond of okra.

Ultimately, I went with the Banga soup. The woman who helped me also allowed me to try the Jollof and fried rice. They were both delicious! The fried rice was a tad bit spicy but not too much. Overall, I enjoyed my experience from beginning to end! The customer service was phenomenal, and the Banga soup with Fufu was a major hit in my house! We loved it! My son could not stop talking about it. In other words, we will most definitely be back!

Price: Banga soup w/fufu $14.00

Vital Malt Beverage $2.25

Customer Service (A+)

Presentation (A+)

Food (A+)

Knowledge in Service (A+)

Pricing (A+)

Wait time (A+)

Location: 405 NW 13th St, Gainesville, FL 32601


Phone: (352) 215-7118


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