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KIA Gainesville in Florida!

On Thursday afternoon of this week, I received a phone call from my Kia Dealership in Gainesville, Florida, telling me that I WON free gas on them! Now, let me tell you! I love a business that gives back to its customers. So, on Friday, I went to claim my fill-up of gas, and two fabulous women immediately helped me! One young lady went and did my fill-up while my kids and I waited for her to return. It was quick, simple, and appreciated.

Sometimes, they get packed, so the wait can get lengthy, but the customer service is always superb with Melissa! I love Kia anyways. I have been a loyal customer since 2014, and I have bought two cars from Kia so far. So, if you are in the Florida area, go check out the Kia dealership in Gainesville! I have not regretted buying a vehicle from Kia yet.

Customer Service A+

Knowledge in Service A

Pricing A

Wait time (No Wait) B+

Completion of Service A+

Note: My reviews will always be honest and based on my experience.


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