Intimacy Unleashed: Chapter One


Have you ever thought about the meaning of intimacy? You are probably assuming of course it is the sexual physical acts between two people, correct? Well, yes— but I am also referring to the different forms and levels of intimacy. See— I have always thought about this in depth maybe because I was raised by two dedicated sex therapists that had the brilliant idea to name me, “Intimacy”. However, I have always been fascinated by the intimate levels that are experienced through the acts of intimacy whether it is physical or nonphysical. It probably did not help that I was raised in a very open-minded environment. Where our family values were based around being free, practicing self care, sex, love, trust, and transparency. In today’s society, most still assume that intimacy is just a sexual act. However, in my family it is shown to be so much deeper than that, and not that simple. Therefore, my life has been quite eventful, but it did indeed trickle down to me because I am now a part of the X’Stasy family business. Where openness is exchanged, trust is gained, and every level of intimacy is achieved. Dare to let me show you?

Coming SOON!

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