Forward Not Straight- Episode 1: Too Close for Comfort


There is this perception that LGBTQIA+ families and/or relationships are not serious or do not last. Most people do not even view these types of relationships as real partnerships. Within this series you will see just how normal, yet how raw and real they truly are— including how closely they intertwine with other sexual preferences and genders. You will experience this directly through the connections between a group of friends.

They have laughed, cried, and loved together, but now their bonds are being tested like never before. It does not help that they live in such a judgmental society that has placed negative stigmas on some of their lifestyle choices, genders, and/or sexual preferences; making life not an easy path to walk at times. Consequently, there will be low moments that will cause some clashing turns within their daily lives. Some for the good and some for the bad.


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