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Chain Reaction Bicycles in Gainesville, FL.

Customer Review: A nice place to get your bike fixed!


Last year, I bought my youngest son a bike from Walmart, and we did not put it together right away. Let me just say— big mistake because when I finally did put it together, I realized that the back tire would not take any air. Oh, was I mad! Haha. The warranty was no longer valid, and it was just my luck that I did not purchase additional insurance for the bike. I mean— why would I for a toddler bike that he would outgrow in less than two years? Needless to say, I had to find a bike repair shop ASAP. The first shop that I called was Chain Reaction Bicycles. The gentleman was so upbeat, pleasant, and helpful that he alone made me want to visit. Yes, I am a sucker for good energy!

Now, I figured it was just the innertube, but I was unsure if the tire itself had anything wrong with it because it had a crack in the tire frame as well. So, I did not know if it would cost me more to fix it versus just buying my son a new bike. However, the gentleman on the phone reassured me that the owner would probably be open to using the bike towards another bicycle if that were the case. He instructed me to just come in the following Monday to have him take a look.


When I arrived, the owner was welcoming, pleasant, and once he saw the bike, he instantly said it was probably just the inner tube. He told me it would cost 20-30 to fix. I was surprised by the 30 dollar amount considering the inner tube was under eight bucks, and the two places I called after charged 10-12 dollars for the service plus the expense of the inner tube. Both places quoted me at no more than 20 bucks. Yes, I called other places to get price ranges. Haha. The only difference was that the owner stated that he would adjust the training wheels and the handlebars because they were wobbly.


It was only 12 dollars more, so I agreed to the set price, but I did have to wait until the next day to pick it up. The following day, I went to pick up the bike, and the gentleman who helped me was super polite. I think it was the first guy that I spoke to when I initially called. Overall, my son's bike was fixed, and it was more stable, so I was satisfied. I would recommend this place but consider that you may have to pay a tad bit more and wait longer depending on the service. However, it was worth it in my opinion, so I'd definitely patronize this business again.

Customer Service A+

Knowledge in Service A+

Pricing A-

Wait time (24hrs) A-

Completion of Service A+

UPDATE: So, I bought my oldest son a mountain bike, and thanks to Chain Reaction Bicycles, they aligned, checked, and made sure it was safe for the road! The owner and employees were excellent once again! Check them out, guys!

Note: My reviews will always be honest and based on my experience.


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