A Blessing in Disguise

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If you read my prior, "Michigan to Florida" post, then you're aware that my journey here was not an easy one, but huni when I tell you, I am so glad that I made it through the trial and tribulations. I will admit it did take me until late February early March to feel secure about this move, but now I am happy that I made this decision despite the obstacles I had to overcome to arrive at this moment. Now, that I am finally settled into my new place, I can finally recenter, write, live and enjoy the Florida sun. Now, I have not been able to venture out too much due to do covid, but we did visit some parks, playgrounds, Drive-In movie theater, Dave & Busters, a few restaurants, and we have been swimming quite a few times at our apartment's pool. So, it's been nice, but now that it's getting warmer, I cannot wait to visit the springs and beaches in the area. For instance, I would like to travel to Destin and Daytona beach in the upcoming weeks. Destin is about four hours from me, while Daytona Beach is only about two hours from me.

The only thing that makes it hard with traveling is my dog. She is an almost-three-year-old Chorkie who is my oldest son's service animal. Her name is Bella, but we call her Lala-B. She is incredible for the most part, but she does suffer from separation anxiety, and she is not the friendliest dog when it comes to strangers. However, with us, she's calm, loving, loyal, and a complete couch potato. She will also alert me if my son has a seizure and when it is safe to wake my son up. Due to, his brain seizing throughout sleep, you can pull him out into a grand mal seizure just from waking him up at the wrong time. While, on the other hand, she is not social with the public, but she does play a vital role in our family. If only I could cut her aggression once a stranger acknowledges her. We could benefit from her more outside of the home. I did enroll her in some training classes with the hopes that we can nip this problem in the bud. So, we shall see... (fingers crossed).

In the meantime, please remember that the best journeys are the hardest ones.

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